Thursday, October 7, 2010

OC fashion show

I was able to attend a fashion show last Friday. I was super excited because it was Nick Verreos and David Paul Spring 2011 couture collection. I honestly just wanted to meet Nick Verreos lol. I loved him in Project Runway. In advance sorry for the quality of some pictures

I love this dress I want it for my birthday lol Too bad the quality of the picture sucks! I wish you can see the flowers attach to it. It's just gorgeous.

I told my boyfriend I want this as my wedding dress!!!

Then after the Nick Verreos & David Paul collection they had the Cadillac Couture creative from FIDM students who were inspired by Cadillac Vehicles. Pretty neat huh? She had the headlight as her head piece.

Her straps were made from seat belts! It's amazing what a needle and tread could do!

All the FIDM students Cadillac couture dresses.

I was able to meet Ms. Universal 200? also Ms. Hawaii & Ms. USA

OC designer Michele Genevieve Of Hollywood Million Denim. 5 percent of every jeans sold goes to charity. Plus every pair of jeans has a serial number on it, which the consumer gets to go on the web site and choose which charity they want there proceed to go to. Pretty neat huh?

Nick Verreos, David Paul & the three Ms. Universal

Hope you enjoy! Talk to you soon Vampire Dairies is on YAY!!!

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